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Introduction 476 693 JU Israel


Topics The Challenges Reasons For the Course Goals of the Course Additional Resources and Video Links Simpsons in Israel This Is Israel in 60 Seconds Crossing the Line 2 Trailer Between the Lines – Full Documentary Freedom for Palestine – Song Israel IQ at UCLA Everything’s Amazing – Louis CK Pew Research on Jews Readings: Ten Things…

The Modern Middle East 800 533 JU Israel

The Modern Middle East

Topics Knowing the Map Freedom and Democracy How it Came to Be Arab Spring Additional Resources and Video Links Public Execution in Saudi Arabia  – Seeker News Islamic State – Vice News Isis Anti Sykes-Picot Propaganda (as long as this stays up) Freedom House (MENA = Middle East & North Africa) MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute Website MEMRI –…

The Zionist Narrative 880 580 JU Israel

The Zionist Narrative

Topics The Land The Rights Balfour to Mandate Additional Resources and Video Links George Galloway‘s Denial of Zionism How Powerful is Israel? – Seeker News The Bible’s Buried Secrets – Nova Imperial History of Middle East (not my music) Missing the Zionist Narrative – Powtoon Forever: An Ode to the Jewish People Readings: Why I am a Zionist: Gil…

The Palestinian Narrative 1080 607 JU Israel

The Palestinian Narrative

Topics Geography, Refugees, Occupation Statistics Man on the Street Definitions Additional Resources and Video Links BDS Movement How much do you suffer under occupation? What would happen to Jews in Palestine? The Ask Project (YouTube Channel) Essay: Do Palestinians Want a Two State Solution? Palestinian Media Watch – Website PalWatch – YouTube Channel Khaled Abu Toameh – Journalist Palestinian Center…

Refugees 972 546 JU Israel


Topics The Issue The History The Context (Zooming Out) Current Global Crisis Additional Resources and Video Links Deir Yassin – 50 Years War Benny Morris on Deir Yassin Arab Leaders Caused Many to Flee Horror of the Refugee Camps UNRWA Summer Camp Lessons Abba Eban 1958 Interview Palestinian Media Watch (YouTube Channel) 50 Years War (Recommended Full Documentary)…

Occupation 854 505 JU Israel


Topics The Issue The History The Legality The Politics (Zooming Out) Additional Resources and Video Links Edward Said – Imperial Continuity – Palestine, Iraq, and U.S. Policy Six Day War (Section from “50 Years War”) Israel’s Defensible Borders Louis CK – Israel Palestine Bill Clinton on Two State Deal & Hamas 50 Years War (Recommended Full Documentary)…

Jerusalem 1252 835 JU Israel


Topics Holy or Central? Religious or National? Divided or United? Annexed or Occupied? Additional Resources and Video Links National Geographic – Jerusalem Trailer One Rock Three Religions Trailer East Jerusalem Conflict – Seeker News A City Divided – Vice News Readings: Jerusalem’s Religious Significance: Yitzchak Reiter and Marwan Abu Khalaf Ben-Gurion on Moving the Capital to Jerusalem…

Media & The Conflict 580 562 JU Israel

Media & The Conflict

Topics What is “The News”? Middle East Conflict Bias – Causes and Evidence The “Watchdogs” Additional Resources and Video Links Sensationalism in the News – Daily Show Media 101 Matti Friedman on Media Bias – CNN CAMERA – Media Accuracy Website CAMERA on Campus – Website Honest Reporting – Media Watchdog Website Readings: An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important…

The Conflict on Campus 634 951 JU Israel

The Conflict on Campus

Topics: The Organizations Definitions The Claims The Facts Additional Resources and Video Links: Want to Fight Racism? Renounce Israel. This Is My Campus Reality. Lauren Sonnenberg. Anti-Semitism Goes to School: Anti-Semitism on American college campuses is rising—and worsening. Where does it come from, and can it be stopped? Ruth Wise The Re-Branding of Israel, Mandy…

Review & Conclusion 768 1024 JU Israel

Review & Conclusion

In this final unit, we wrap up the JU Israel course with some final thoughts – and thought-provoking questions. Topics Middle East Narratives What you can do Additional Resources Stay in touch with us!

Israel on Campus 1170 560 JU Israel

Israel on Campus

Hey, JU Israel alumni! You’ve done the gap year thing… Now it’s time to think about college and beyond! Take some time to learn about the incredible Israel opportunities that await you on college campus. Watch this video to learn about organizations like StandWithUs, JNF, CAMERA on Campus, ZOA, and Students Supporting Israel. Check out…

Elections 2019 1350 900 JU Israel

Elections 2019

Topics Israel’s Electoral System Parties Issues Additional Resources and Video Links Short video on how elections in Israel work Short video on Israeli parties The Israel Democracy Institute Readings: A Beginner’s Guide to the 2019 Israeli Elections: Times of Israel Opinion polling for the 2019 Israeli legislative election: Wikipedia

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