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Our JU Israel educators reach out to current gap year students, alumni, and any interested listeners, keeping you connected to what’s happening in Israel, and giving you insight behind the headlines.

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Ep. 23 | Who Knew? Aliyah Updates

Happy Yom Aliyah! This year, Aliyah Day falls on April 6th. Before it gets lost in the Passover hubbub, Alan…

Ep. 23 | Who Knew? Aliyah Updates 450 293 JU Israel

Ep. 22 | BBTV

The government might collapse because of a TV channel? BDS tourists can’t come in to the country? Alan and Mike…

Ep. 22 | BBTV 286 450 JU Israel

Ep. 21 | How Quo is the Status?

The rule is to never talk about religion or politics if you want to avoid arguments. This week, Alan and…

Ep. 21 | How Quo is the Status? 427 640 JU Israel

Ep. 20 | Elor, Bibi, Donald & Nikki

What’s the buzz here in Israel lately? Alan and Mike discuss the issues that everybody here is talking about. First,…

Ep. 20 | Elor, Bibi, Donald & Nikki 800 533 JU Israel

Ep. 19 | Two States or What?

Does a new American administration mean a Middle East reboot? Alan, Mike and Benji discuss the two-state solution idea. They…

Ep. 19 | Two States or What? 327 598 JU Israel

Ep. 18 | Occupied? Disputed? Confusing!

Listener Shifra (Harova ’16) asked us to explain the legal arguments over Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, and Jewish…

Ep. 18 | Occupied? Disputed? Confusing! 940 788 JU Israel

Ep. 17 | Media Meta-Musings

Why does there appear to be so much corruption throughout Israeli bureaucracy? Is it worse here than other countries? Is…

Ep. 17 | Media Meta-Musings 1077 694 JU Israel

Ep. 16 | MTVA Speaks Out!

It’s a special extra-long episode, and wait till you hear why! A group of MTVA alumna come for a visit…

Ep. 16 | MTVA Speaks Out! 204 197 JU Israel

Ep. 15 | Really?! Again?!

Instead of doing a straight-up Chanukah episode as they planned, Alan and Mike once again respond to events of the…

Ep. 15 | Really?! Again?! 159 177 JU Israel

Ep. 14 | New Year’s Resolution?

Benji, Alan and Mike are way too worked up to wait for a regular Thursday posting! So here is an…

Ep. 14 | New Year’s Resolution? 450 300 JU Israel

Ep. 13 | Ch-Ch-Changes

It’s anyone’s guess what the incoming Trump administration will really be. So let’s start guessing! Why is the newly appointed…

Ep. 13 | Ch-Ch-Changes 640 512 JU Israel

Ep. 12 | Settlement Crisis Alert!

We think it’s important to follow this story! The crisis in Amona may be off many people’s radar, but here…

Ep. 12 | Settlement Crisis Alert! 450 300 JU Israel

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