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Our JU Israel educators reach out to current gap year students, alumni, and any interested listeners, keeping you connected to what’s happening in Israel, and giving you insight behind the headlines.

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“The Right To Annex?”

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Previous Episodes

Ep. 45 | Hollywood & The Holy Land

With Israeli actress Gal Gadot breaking box office records in the hit movie Wonder Woman, and Conan O’Brien filming a…

Ep. 45 | Hollywood & The Holy Land 2000 1217 JU Israel

Ep. 44 | 120 Years of Zionism

This week we take a(n) historical deep dive on the 120th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland…

Ep. 44 | 120 Years of Zionism 422 269 JU Israel

Ep. 43 | The New Old Hate

Benji’s back! In last week’s episode, Mike and Alan explained a Zionist theory of antisemitism. This week, the guys discuss…

Ep. 43 | The New Old Hate 2000 1333 JU Israel

Ep. 42 | Demystifying Antisemitism

It’s unnerving when you see people express hatred towards you – especially from strangers. What did I ever do to…

Ep. 42 | Demystifying Antisemitism 1024 768 JU Israel

Ep. 41 | Culture Clash

Lior questions the complicated cases of Israeli culture with Alan and Mike. With so many different mini-cultures in Israeli life,…

Ep. 41 | Culture Clash 450 358 JU Israel

Ep. 40 | Those Who Do Not Remember…

This time… it’s personal! As teachers who are always trying to show the relevance of history to current events, Alan and…

Ep. 40 | Those Who Do Not Remember… 2000 1331 JU Israel

Ep. 39 | Jerusalem Syndrome

After wrapping up the Jerusalem news from this week, Alan and Mike decide to broaden the context. Although many say…

Ep. 39 | Jerusalem Syndrome 450 300 JU Israel

Ep. 38 | Temple Mount: Beyond the Headlines

Alan and Mike felt that the current simmering crisis on Temple Mount warranted some analysis. They discuss why the Temple…

Ep. 38 | Temple Mount: Beyond the Headlines 1266 951 JU Israel

Ep. 37 | Declare Independence! Part 1B

Alan and Mike continue a podcast mini-series. They feel that not enough attention is paid to a text that they…

Ep. 37 | Declare Independence! Part 1B 450 339 JU Israel

Ep. 36 | Declare Independence! Part 1A

After a brief check-in putting the latest political news into perspective, Alan and Mike begin a podcast mini-series. They feel…

Ep. 36 | Declare Independence! Part 1A 450 300 JU Israel

Ep. 35 | Manifest Destiny

As the United States celebrates its 241st birthday, Lior, Alan and Mike reflect on what it shares in common with…

Ep. 35 | Manifest Destiny 1000 940 JU Israel

Ep. 34 | Sharing Spaces

We welcome new regular member Lior Krinski, and Benji’s back for a troubling topic. After the government rejected plans to…

Ep. 34 | Sharing Spaces 2048 1360 JU Israel

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