Ep. 107 | Eisenkot Exit & Zionist Legacy

Ep. 107 | Eisenkot Exit & Zionist Legacy 267 450 JU Israel

Israelis pay close attention when the IDF changes its Chief of Staff. Alan, Mike and Benji begin by sorting out Gadi Eisenkot’s exit interviews, and what they mean for the state of Israel’s security. Somehow, they end up defining what they stand for as educators and Zionists. Maybe because it’s a Benji episode? If you want to know what’s behind this past week’s headlines, you’ll want to hear this episode. And if you want to understand what we do in our day jobs, what we believe in and stand for as educators, then this episode also does a pretty good job at that. It’s a fun ride – join us!

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Photo credit: Moshe Milner

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