The Modern Middle East

The Modern Middle East 800 533 JU Israel

Topics Knowing the Map Freedom and Democracy How it Came to Be Arab Spring Additional Resources and Video Links Public Execution in Saudi Arabia  – Seeker News Islamic State – Vice News…

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The Zionist Narrative

The Zionist Narrative 880 580 JU Israel

Topics The Land The Rights Balfour to Mandate Additional Resources and Video Links George Galloway‘s Denial of Zionism How Powerful is Israel? – Seeker News The Bible’s Buried Secrets – Nova Imperial…

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The Palestinian Narrative

The Palestinian Narrative 1080 607 JU Israel

Topics Geography, Refugees, Occupation Statistics Man on the Street Definitions Additional Resources and Video Links BDS Movement How much do you suffer under occupation? What would happen to Jews in…

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Jerusalem 1252 835 JU Israel

Topics Holy or Central? Religious or National? Divided or United? Annexed or Occupied? Additional Resources and Video Links National Geographic – Jerusalem Trailer One Rock Three Religions Trailer East Jerusalem…

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