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Ep. 116 | Global Terrorism

Ep. 116 | Global Terrorism 520 800 JU Israel

What is terrorism? How is it different from resistance or freedom fighting? Can it be stopped? Is it a form of warfare or crime? Are white nationalist and Islamic forms…


Ep. 115 | Conversion in Israel

Ep. 115 | Conversion in Israel 343 250 JU Israel

There are thousands of Israelis who do not meet the definition of “Jew” by the standards of Orthodox Judaism. Imagine going to Jewish schools, serving in the IDF, and then…


Ep. 114 | Understanding the Indictments

Ep. 114 | Understanding the Indictments 2000 1541 JU Israel

Israel waited for Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s announcement that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu would face indictment. Now that it finally happened, what has changed? Anything? Everything? Alan, Mike and Matt…


Ep. 113 | Blue & White Changes the Race

Ep. 113 | Blue & White Changes the Race 640 400 JU Israel

We’re releasing this week’s episode early, because the game has changed. After weighing the concern over too much politics talk, Alan, Mike and Matt discuss the merger of Chosen Yisrael…


Ep. 112 | Warsaw & Racism

Ep. 112 | Warsaw & Racism 1024 768 JU Israel

After discussing last week’s Warsaw middle east conference, and why (if?) it mattered, Alan Mike and Matt reflect on the normalization of an overtly racist political party. What role does…


Ep. 111 | The Murder of Ori Ansbacher

Ep. 111 | The Murder of Ori Ansbacher 399 254 JU Israel

How are Israelis processing the horrible murder of Ori Ansbacher? What are the effects of terrorism on Israeli life and politics? What don’t people understand about how we process stories…


Ep. 110 | Election Update

Ep. 110 | Election Update 1350 900 JU Israel

With only a couple of months left till Israeli elections, Alan, Mike and Matt take a look at where we are. Are personalities more important than parties? What blocs are…


Ep. 109 | Problems Facing Gen Z

Ep. 109 | Problems Facing Gen Z 1225 980 JU Israel

Alan, Mike and Matt use the Zionist method to analyse the problems facing the Jews of Generation Z. Hear why they think that Israel education is vital to the Jewish…


Ep. 108 | Dr. Carra Glatt & The Use of Narratives

Ep. 108 | Dr. Carra Glatt & The Use of Narratives 200 228 JU Israel

We invite Dr. Carra Glatt, lecturer at from Bar Ilan University, to explain and reflect on her recently published article in Haaretz. In it, she questioned the fairness of the…


Ep. 107 | Eisenkot Exit & Zionist Legacy

Ep. 107 | Eisenkot Exit & Zionist Legacy 267 450 JU Israel

Israelis pay close attention when the IDF changes its Chief of Staff. Alan, Mike and Benji begin by sorting out Gadi Eisenkot’s exit interviews, and what they mean for the…


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