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Ep. 124 | State of the State at 71

Ep. 124 | State of the State at 71 450 300 JU Israel

After summarizing Israel’s 70th year, Alan and Mike discuss how Israel has measured up to its founders’ dreams. What would the Labor Zionists think of Israel in 2019? What about…


Ep. 123 | Voices from the Gaza Border

Ep. 123 | Voices from the Gaza Border 2000 1334 JU Israel

The Gaza battles this past weekend were, to some, just another round in the ongoing conflict. But for the people who live in the communities on the border, it was…


Ep. 122 | Israeli Holocaust Education

Ep. 122 | Israeli Holocaust Education 634 951 JU Israel

How is the Holocaust taught differently to Israeli and Diaspora students? How is the Holocaust relevant to this generation? Alan and Mike sat down with Maserati High School educator, David…


Ep. 121 | Professor Benjamin Ish-Shalom

Ep. 121 | Professor Benjamin Ish-Shalom 130 180 JU Israel

Passover celebrates the Jews becoming a nation. What does that nation stand for? Join us for a discussion with Professor Benjamin Ish-Shalom. First, he makes his case that our values must…


Ep. 120 | Coalition Building

Ep. 120 | Coalition Building 1331 911 JU Israel

Alan and Mike sit down with Benji on the day that President Rivlin begins the process of assembling a government out of the newly elected Knesset. What is the role…


Ep. 119 | Post-Election

Ep. 119 | Post-Election 765 764 JU Israel

The results are in! (Well, at least 97% of them as of Wednesday, April 10th in the afternoon) Alan, Mike and Matt sit down on the morning after to sort…


Ep. 118 | Last Pre-Election Episode!

Ep. 118 | Last Pre-Election Episode! 2519 1220 JU Israel

Oh boy!!! Elections are next week, and we are all on the edge of our seats! Alan, Mike and Matt catch up on what has changed since our last election…


Ep. 117 | Gaza & Golan: Breaking News

Ep. 117 | Gaza & Golan: Breaking News 450 290 JU Israel

Why has Hamas been launching rockets into central Israel? Why now? How is Israel responding? Why did President Trump change the US policy toward the Golan Heights? Why now? What…


Ep. 116 | Global Terrorism

Ep. 116 | Global Terrorism 520 800 JU Israel

What is terrorism? How is it different from resistance or freedom fighting? Can it be stopped? Is it a form of warfare or crime? Are white nationalist and Islamic forms…


Ep. 115 | Conversion in Israel

Ep. 115 | Conversion in Israel 343 250 JU Israel

There are thousands of Israelis who do not meet the definition of “Jew” by the standards of Orthodox Judaism. Imagine going to Jewish schools, serving in the IDF, and then…


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