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Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens
Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens

The Teachers Lounge

Ever wonder what teachers talk about when you're not around? The JU: Israel Teachers Lounge is where you get to listen in, and then join the conversation. Don't ever disconnect from Israel, the team will keep you up to date.

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Ep. 39 - Jerusalem Syndrome

After wrapping up the Jerusalem news from this week, Alan and Mike decide to broaden the context. Although many say that Jerusalem is a shared city, they explain its unique role to the Jews. These are fundamental understandings that are needed for understanding politics, history, or even one's own identity. Needless to say, we think that this is an important episode.

Times of Israel update at posting time 
Wikipedia on Jerusalem 
A video example of the "Jerusalem belongs to everyone" narrative 

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Ep. 38 - Temple Mount: Behind the Headlines

Alan and Mike felt that the current simmering crisis warranted some analysis. They discuss why the Temple Mount is always such a source for tension, and where things might go moving forward. What should the Israelis do now? What should the Palestinians do, and why aren't they? There are no easy answers, but there is a lot to unpack. 

Supporting Alan's memory 
Supporting Mike's memory  
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From Martin Kramer's Post
Here are four perceptive but divergent analyses of what Israel should do in the Temple Mount crisis: 
Dror Eydar, “Keep the metal detectors,” 
Yoaz Hendel, “It's time to seize opportunities at the Temple Mount,” 
Ron Ben Yishai, “Finding a compromise in the Temple Mount crisis,”

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Episodes 36 & 37 - Declare Independence!

After a brief check in putting the latest political news into perspective, Alan and Mike begin a podcast mini-series. They feel that not enough attention is paid to a text that they are sure will end up as a classic Jewish text: Israel's Declaration of Independence. 

Join them as they begin the process of unpacking the text, which will continue in upcoming episodes. This post contains both episodes 36 & 37 where you can join their chevruta. 

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Ep. 35 - Manifest Destiny

As the USA celebrates its 241 birthday, Lior, Alan and Mike reflect on what it shares in common with the 69 year old Israel. Unusually, both countries were invented to fulfill dreams.  
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Ep. 34 - Sharing Spaces

We welcome new regular member Lior Krinski, and Benji's back for a troubling topic. After the government rejected plans to implement agreed upon renovations of the pluralistic prayer space at the Kotel, the relationship between Israel and diaspora Jews has reached a tense crossroads. How did this happen, and where do we go from here?

What is happening 
History of Kotel use 
Sharansky Interview 
David Horovitz Op-Ed 

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Ep. 33 - The Future is Back

First of all, Zeev is back! With the return of the Zen master of Israel articulation, we turn to lofty subjects like the future of Israel education, gap year studies, and educational technology.

With special cameo appearances by an actual smart person for once, my wife Dara. (she tried to stayed bored on the sidelines and read a book, but she couldn't resist joining the conversation. That's a good sign, right?)

Neil Postman  

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Ep. 32 - The People of the Book... Week

Do you think that Hebrew Book Week shouldn't interest you? Let us convince you otherwise.

Alan and Mike interview publicist Stuart Schnee about the role this event has played in the current Jewish renaissance. They discuss how and why we should all participate in it. There is so much going on in Israel that must not be missed! Join us as we begin to explore the cultural explosion being brought about by the Zionist endeavour.
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Ep. 31 - Not About the Six Day War. Honest!

Ok, so enough about the 50th anniversary already.

Alan and Mike zoom out to discuss the current turmoil in the Middle East and how it affects Israelis. While explaining their concept of the "Power Paradigm", Alan nominates Mike for President. Of something or other.

We really like this episode a lot.


Matti Friedman on the entrenched narrative

Matti Friedman interview 

Bibi agreed to maximal peace offer that Abbas rejected 
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Ep. 30 - Midreshet HaRova Speaks!

Ever wonder what students ask their teachers? With Alan away, this episode takes place in the classroom instead of the teachers lounge. The exceptional young women of Midreshet Harova ask Mike the questions they want answered about being on campus next year.

Maybe you have the same questions, or maybe you're curious about the concerns that Jewish gap year students have about life on campus. Either way, we hope that you'll find this episode insightful and interesting.
Let us know!
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Ep. 29 - Make the Middle East Great Again

Now that the roads are back open and life has gone back to (what passes for) normal in Israel, Alan and Mike unpack President Trump's trip to the Middle East. Will there be changes to the status quo? Or is this all sound and fury signifying nothing?

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