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Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens
Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens

Ep. 84 - Reflections on a Quiet Day in Hebron

This week, Alan took Matt and Mike on a stroll through a very contentious piece of real estate, the city of Hebron. It's a city that is almost a microcosm for the Arab/Israeli conflict. Join us as we explain our thoughts and feelings about the past, present and future of one of the oldest Jewish cities in the world.

And now for the photos!

Alan's Choices: 


I think this one really shows my point about perspective. Along the bottom you can see Shuhada street. You can see why the locals resent being blocked from using it, but you can also see from this panorama image how much of Hebron is untouched by the tiny Jewish presence. 


These are the newly purchased Jewish homes we discussed in this episode. They have been nicknamed Rachel House and Leah House. I find this commitment to Jewish past and future very inspirational. 

Matt's Choices: 

IMG_7447I chose the outside of the Machpela as it is such an iconic building and represents the ancestral nature of the conflict.


These two photos represent for me the conflicting narratives of the Jews and the Arabs and how they view this city.

Mike's Choices: 


Its great to see old things from new perspectives. The roof of "Leah's House" has an amazing view of Maarat Hamachpela that I'd never seen before. 

cplAVtqV9bl2PmUvp_M91kGLxPG0RrVBottom line? Its great to work and spend time with good friends. Appreciating the moments shared is also an important perspective, although not as lofty as the ones we discuss on the podcast. 

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