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Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens
Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens

The Soapbox

If two Jews have three opinions, what about a few hundred Gap Year students and teachers? Gather round for ideas, thoughts and Israel experiences.

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Michael Unterberg

Michael has been an educator for over 20 years. He was a founding member of the Torat Tzion Kollel movement in Cleveland, Ohio, where he and his wife Dara taught in and helped create the curriculum of the Fuchs Mizrachi School. Michael was the lead educator for ICNext, a training program for the broader Jewish Community in Cleveland. He was also a creative consultant the the Cleveland Playhouse. Michael studied philosophy in and received smicha from YU. Michael and Dara have five children and live in Efrat.

The Herzl Hypothesis

I think that there is a basic principle of the Zionist argument that is often misunderstood. Daniel Gordis misrepresented it in his powerful column in the New York Daily News. Arguing that three murdered Israeli teens were killed because they were Jews, Gordis states,

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Dueling Narratives

The Middle East is a complicated neighbourhood, often making it difficult for Westerners to understand. However, there are two conflicting outlooks that lie at the heart of the Arab/Israeli conflict. To understand this disagreement is to hold the key to understanding all aspects of this lasting crisis. It comes down to this: 

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