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Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens
Israel & Judaism through a Fresh Lens

The Soapbox

If two Jews have three opinions, what about a few hundred Gap Year students and teachers? Gather round for ideas, thoughts and Israel experiences.

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JU: Israel

The Partition Experiments

This coming April, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of the modern Jewish state. Before that happens, we’ll pass by a less celebrated date. November 29th will mark 70 years since the United Nations partition plan. We’ve seen the pictures of the celebrations after the vote passed. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a city in Israel that doesn’t have a “29th of November” street.

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Who Knew World Peace was as Easy as some... Nail Polish?

by Talia Kupferman
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Emily Firestone's Boston University Op-Ed

To read the full article, PLEASE click this link! It will support Emily's effort to speak out on campus for Israel! Below is the article as it was published, but go to the BU website for the rest.

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On my way to Campus: Core18 to CAMERA

 by Emily Firestone

I returned from my gap year in Israel in June. Ever since, I have been busy with various preparations for my next stage in life, college. Naturally as a pro-Israel advocate, leadership training is part of my summer. Earlier in the summer I attended AIPAC

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